Generals Of War

"General...The time has come.! Take command in one of the biggest conflicts during the early 20th century. Coming generations will know this as World War One- and they'll also remember the brave generals who fought in the trenches. How will you be remembered? It's your choice and the battle starts now!"

In the light of the First World War, you'll take on the role as a general who's capable of changing the world's fate. Fight for the your country's honor and defend it as only you can! Annihilate your enemies, and use your military power against thousands of players. Spy, trade and fight on your road to victory. With the war closing in from all sides, take to the battle with an alliance and explore new strategies for warfare!

Wars take more than blood and sweat to ensure victory, you'll need an economy that runs smoothly. Don't let the supply lines and production of your factories come to a deadlock. Keep your resources growing and your troops on the front lines!

Take part in quick skirmishes or dig in for the long battles. Join in on exclusive game events while you show your skills by becoming a top ranked player! Use your diplomatic abilities and the right strategy to change the course of politics and make history!